Grundfos and Vejle Municipality collaborate to solve the water challenges of tomorrow

Vejle Municipality has partnered with one of Denmark's largest companies, Grundfos, to create innovative water solutions in collaboration with impact entrepreneurs.

When the Municipality of Vejle was selected to be the only Danish representative of the global resilience network, 100RC, the city’s focus was primarily on innovation in water and flooding. Now the municipality is entering into a new collaboration with Danish pump giant, Grundfos, to take innovation to new heights.

"We are pleased that the network has identified Vejle Municipality as the platform for water innovation. The success of the project depends on strong business partners, so teaming up with Grundfos and a range of international start-ups selected by Grundfos is the obvious choice. We have a great opportunity to work together to find new, implementable solutions, says Lene Lawaetz, Head of Innovation at Vejle Municipality.

Grundfos creates sustainable and innovative solutions to the challenges relating to the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development, in particular goals 6 and 13, which deal with clean water and sanitation, and climate action. The collaboration with Vejle Municipality is therefore an excellent match for the company.

“We are working to develop from a company that sells pumps and water technology around the world, to one that also focuses on digital services and solutions that use our technology to make an even greater difference,” says Fredrik. Östbye, VP and Head of Digital Transformation at Grundfos.

The collaboration will initially culminate in the Resilience Business Cup, to be held on 25th-26th October 2018. Together with a number of hand-picked impact entrepreneurs, Vejle Municipality and Grundfos will attempt to find new and innovative solutions to some of the water-related challenges facing the world in the future.

On the radar

Working with new impact entrepreneurs, Grundfos and Vejle Municipality are confident that they will find new and innovative solutions to water-related challenges. Impact start-ups therefore have an important role to play, which the Danish company will identify using its artificial-intelligence-based platform.

"We face major global challenges, and innovation is what it will take to send us in the right direction. We therefore support the Resilience Business Cup and will use our start-up radar to find the perfect matches,” says Daniel Laursen, co-founder and partner of Valuer.

Over the two-day event, selected start-ups will work with Grundfos on water-related innovation through workshops and competition, test the cooperation between large and small companies, and propose potential solutions.

"We focus greatly on the latest technologies and we look forward to meeting start-ups who are working with water-related challenges. We want to learn more about their ideas and see how we can implement them together to help the city of Vejle, says Fredrik Östbye.

In addition to the large company from Bjerringbro, Resilience Business Cup is also backed by other large companies, including Siemens Gamesa and Danske Bank, which also focus heavily on impact innovation in other areas.

Background: Resilience Business Cup

  • Resilience Business Cup is an annual competition and conference, held for the first time in Vejle on 25th-26th October 2018. The focus of the two-day event is to match start-ups, businesses and cities from the 100 Resilient Cities network that, working together, can make a difference.

  • The collaboration between agile start-ups and resource-rich businesses will ensure innovation and the leverage to bring the best ideas to life. The interaction with the public means that companies have concrete challenges to work with and a platform on which to test the solutions on a large scale. The 100 Resilient Cities network will also be able to disseminate the best solutions to its member cities across the globe.

  • The cup is an official part of the 100 Resilient Cities cooperation and is the first business-oriented approach that also brings start-ups and big businesses together to solve the challenges facing the cities within the network.

  • During the event, keynote presentations will give stakeholders a better understanding of the challenges, and how the collaboration at the event can make a difference. The speakers are Michael Sloth (Technical Director, Vejle Municipality), Fredrik Østbye (VP & Head of Digital Transformation, Grundfos), Klavs Hjort (Senior Vice President, Growth & Impact, Danske Bank), Deanna MacDonald (CEO, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration), and Michael Berkowitz (President of 100 Resilient Cities). The event will be moderated by Lasse Chor (Founding Partner, Happy42).

  • In addition, selected start-ups will work side by side with large companies and subject area experts to solve concrete challenges facing Vejle Municipality. They will then pitch the solutions to the Resilience Business Cup jury.

  • The theme of the event is water, energy and social resilience, and will be supported by companies such as Siemens Gamesa, Grundfos, +impact by Danske Bank, Vejle Spildevand, and business developers and experts from Insero, ResilienceLab, The Danish Growth Fund, Vejle Municipality, and others.

For more information contact:

Lene Lawaetz, Head of Innovation, Vejle Municipality, e-mail: / mob. +45 5150 1157

Flemming Jensen, Senior Director, Energy Innovation, Insero, e-mail: / mob. +45 4178 0665

Dennis Juul Poulsen, CEO & Co-founder,, e-mail: / mob. +45 5115 9512

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