The road towards announcing one final winner of the Resilience Business Cup starts with an accumulated database of 1,000 participating startups from all over the world. This database is created by technology agents, who track and talk with startups across various sectors and countries.


Every single one of the 1,000 startups are going through a screening process and in-depth analysis with the ultimate mission of finding the most promising resilient startups that can make an impact. 

Out of the 1,000 startups, the Resilience Business Cup narrows the pool down to the ten most promising companies.


These ten startups are those, who have the solutions to overcome global resilient challenges, a strong value proposition, high market opportunities, a high-performing team, and accelerating potential. They are the ten strongest business cases deemed ready to engage in win-win-partnerships with the leading corporations.


Prior to the final event, these top ten startups are qualified to pitch in front of the deciding jury. The jury finally selects the top 5, who will pitch at the final Resilience Business Cup event in Vejle, Denmark, May 30th 2018. The winner is selected and announced at the final event.

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