The world is changing each day with new emerging technologies. Startups and pioneers are finding solutions to problems that haven’t yet been solved. They are creative and agile and can change direction from one day to another. But they need the right partner that can validate their product and market.


By matchmaking agile and creative startups and resource-strong corporates, we get the best foundation for dreaming big and making an impact that lasts.

Resilience Business Cup is all about discovering, tracking and selecting the best startups. Startups that don’t just dream about changing the world for the better – but also have the potential to do it.


What you get for participating:

As a corporate partner, you’ll get a bridge to startup ecosystems in 100 cities around the world, and gain deep knowledge about the startups who could make the perfect partners for your corporation.


Bridge to 100 startup ecosystems

The world’s leading tech hubs will be participating in Resilient Business Cup, and as a corporate partner, you'll gain VIP-access to those 100 startup ecosystems from around the globe.

Insights on 1000 bright startups

1,000 startups from 100 cities within the RC100-network will be participating, and as a corporate partner, you'll get to know the ones that match your corporation's capabilities the best - and have a shortcut to valuable information about them through the


AI-aided matchmaking with the right startups

We believe world-changing solutions can be made by combining agile and innovative startups with resourceful and experienced corporates. We will help you find bright startups with the right profile for your Corporation through a data-driven methodology.

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1000 potential partners

Every single one of the 1,000 startups, who are participating in the cup, are going through a screening process. The unique methodology provides an early and thorough analysis of each startups value proposition, market opportunities, human capital, and execution by combining interviews, data analysis, expert feedback and machine learning techniques.


The analysis is the foundation used to find and matchmake agile and creative startups with the resources of appropriate corporations. This way win-win-partnerships can be created – partnerships that have the potential to become bigger than the competition, challenge existing technologies and ultimately change the world.






• Consultancy on defining focus and search criteria

• Report with detailed content decks on most relevant startup´s to specification

• Trend analysis



• Discover package

• Technology/Startup Integration training

• Virtual matchmaking network

• Resilience Business Cup networking dinner

• Quarterly newsletter

• Resilience Business Cup jury

Keynote speaking slot



• Initiate package

• Consultancy on getting value from startup match

• Consultancy on managing Innovation



• Access to tracking of identified startup’s

• Yearly follow-up and optimization of search criteria's

• Access to new startup’s that match specification

• Alerts on new startup’s

• Resilience Business Cup Networking dinner

• Virtual matchmaking network

• Quarterly newsletter

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