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Resilience Business Cup wants new partnerships to blossom by bringing corporates, startups and government experts together.
This year the cup and its corporate partners focus on challenges in Water, Energy and Social Resilience.
Municipalities, corporates, startups and citizens are invited to take part in discussions and keynotes from our prominent speakers.
At the same time, the startup competition is taking place, where a few bright startups – cherrypicked by Valuer.ai - will work alongside corporations and experts from the 100RC network to solve real-world challenges.

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Resilience Business Cup is a competition and an annual conference held for the first time in Vejle 25.-26. October 2018. It's the first international business cup within the 100 RC partnership and the focus is to bring together startups, corporates, and the 100 Resilient Cities to make a global impact. An impact that can help solve the physical imminent challenge we as a world are facing.


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Challenges: Are your startup working on a product or service with a huge potential for positive global impact in Water, Energy or Social Resilience?
Then join the competition and get the chance to work alongside industry-leading corporates and experts from the 100RC-network to solve real problems

Competition: The focal point of the competition is to make lasting relationships between startups, corporates and the municipality blossom. And the winners will be those startups who are able to make solutions that make a real difference.


Dennis Juul Poulsen

Partner & Co-founder


Ole Hejn Pjengaard

Director Business Development


Jens Christian Lodberg Høj

Senior Innovation Consultant

Insero Horsens

Peter Fuglsang

Senior Manager, R&D and Product Development

Siemens Gamesa

Visti Nielsen

Head of Public Sector DK

Danske Bank

Lisbet Wolters

Områdechef, Teknik og Miljø

Vejle Municipality


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Resilience Business Cup wants to support the brightest cleantech ideas from students in the Nordics. Junior Startup will be showcased at the Resilience Business Cup.


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We invite all members of the press join the Resilience Business Cup.

You can find out more in the press releases and media kit in our press room:

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